Institute of recreational & motivational programme

We make "A complete human being" lovable to all.

Duration 10 days 9 nights

recre1Time have changed and there are lesser spaces to explore. Knowledge, information and technology are offering a great scope for all to be bright and smart and be successful. We wish to add and offer something that seems to be missing in all this buzz, the experience of the rawness of life and nature. The genuine touch and feel of reality and basic human needs with exciting and safe experiences in wilderness. This is beyond just adventure and adrenaline. The realization of what it means to be away from the comfort of home and city, the internet and TV, to be self-sufficient, responsible and confident. All this and much more will help them be successful and better Human Beings. A judicious blend of adventure, games and the fun of experiential learning through 10 days and 9 nights of unbridled excitement.The thrill of nature, the warmth of togetherness, the freedom of expression, the fun of learning by actually doing. Around campfires, under shady trees, and exhilarating hilltops. Let nature unleash the nature within.


recre2With a view to rendering unbelievable Outdoor Centre Services, we have developed a campsite at KHED, which is located at the periphery of the Kokan Ghats. KHED is about 45 km from Mahabaleshwar and 225 km from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Goa highway. The place features a 1500 feet rock wall and is home to more than 14 pairs of vultures, hawks and eagles. Our campsite spreads over an area of 5 acres and serves as an ideal platform for organizing various outdoor and adventure activities. Some of the activities at our campsite are as follows:

  • Yoga
  • Guidance regarding Health & nutrition
  • Mind mapping
  • Funny Games
  • Activities to increase intrapersonal & interpersonal intelligent
  • Increasing strength of parietal lobe
  • Activities to increase IQ & AQ.
  • Developing attitude of Housekeeping
  • Developing social attitude


Activities & Adventures






Group Cooking


Indoor Games


Sumo Wrestling


Army Obstacle Courses


Rifle Shooting


By becoming a child enjoying children activity



Rock Climbing


We are engaged in providing our clients with exclusive Campsite Services. Our  outdoor centre and management development centre located at KHED is carefully designed so as to maintain the natural look and provide a refreshing environment to the clients. These centers are integrated with all the requisite facilities that provide maximum comfort to the clients and memories to last for.

Results :

1) Housekeeping attitude develops.

2) Increase the knowledge regarding finance, marketing, personality.

3) Becomes familiar with manners.

4) Becomes fresh mentally & physically.

5) Inner but good attitude comes up very fastly.

6) Good attitude gets healthy direction.

7) Bad attitute or habits goes out.

8) Develops friend circle throught Maharashtra.

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