Anandashram (Old Age Home)


oldag2According to our Hindu philosophy parents are considered next to God who is the creator of this Universe. Since olden times we have seen many e.g. as to how parents sacrifice their life for the future of their children at times they also undergo financial crisis. They forgo their happiness just to fulfil their children’s dreams. But with the changing trend, the young generation consider their parents to be an obstacle in their own progress. They consider their parents more of a liability than a responsibility.


old ageThe children fail to understand that during this phase of time of life their parents need exactly the same kind of love and nurturing which they got when they were new borns. Just to get away from their responsibilities many of them opt to send their parents to some old age home where only basic living facilities are available without an element of love and care. And the parents stay there just waiting for their last days to end. So considering the need of such parents we have come up with the philosophy of Anandashram.Anandashram will surely help them to relive their lives. So we need all your support for such a holy and social activity. It is the resolution of our trust to start this type of Anandashram in each district of Maharashtra; in addition to this we are also going to start charity hospitals very soon.



old age3Facilities:

  • Medical treatment
  • Regular check-up of health
  • Internet facility
  • Picnic
  • Health and nutritious ( pure  Veg )
  • Gymnasium facility
  • Birthday celebration
  • Annual celebration
  • Indoor  and outdoor games
  • Gardening
  • Various Team Activities
  • Accommodation – Deluxe, Executive, Dormitory
  • Specious hall for Meditation

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